Imagination   High Five  
Diamond PvP   Interlude  
If you are looking for fun for some time, have you time and you want spend unforgettable moments on Lineage II server. We implemented a new Grand Boss MID weapons with all the functions and added many new features on the our server! Demonstrations of weapons can be seen on our BETA test server.
2021-28-03 at 13:04
Participate online in game events and earn remarkable rewards depending how long you play. We have many of events, so don't hesitate and get your advantage!
2021-25-03 at 13:06
Imagination x25
Imagination x25
EXP: x25
SP: x25
Adena: x10
Drop: x10
Spoil: x15
Raid Boss Jewel: x1
Hardcore as you know it! Remember the time you paid your own sweat and blood for EXP, every death had an impact and a new level became an event.

Become the best and be glorified! Get your place in the list of top 20 players with the highest level and everyone will bow their head before you. Literally.

What is your mission? Choose your team role. Tank, support or damage dealer — each of them is a basic role directly related to a class and every player is indispensable.

Dwarfs are in high demand! This is the only race capable of crafting the best equipment and spoiling rare resources. No matter whether you kill enemies or build the economics you are welcome.